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Learnera is an e-learning platform that equips you with financial independence and self-reliance. Our vision is to CREATE and make JOBS ACCESSIBLE to ALL, through world-class e-learning content, a vibrant online community, and a great compensation plan. We are focused on one thing only: teaching you how to make money online through digital skills.

We have loads of courses that will equip you for financial freedom, all for a one-time payment of $10 only.

We are continuously loading Learnera with Courses that will open your eyes to the incredible opportunities available to you online, courses that will teach you invaluable digital skills that you can sell both online and offline. All for a one-time payment of $10 only.

With the Mentorship Program, you can leverage the knowledge and experience of young digital entrepreneurs who are successful in their niches.

The Learnera Referral Program (LRP) is an exciting opportunity that rewards you for referring someone to the platform. The good thing about the Learnera Referral Program is that everyone wins together. We share a percentage of the registration fee with you for each referral. And the more people you refer, the higher percentage of profit we share with you.

Building your Learnera business is optional but highly rewarding if you decide to share this interesting e-learning platform with others.

Whatever your dreams are, we will equip you and give you the platforms to achieve them.