Google Keyword Planner for Finding a Niche

The number one success factor on any Freelance Platform is providing services that people are looking for. These demands vary per time. Certain services highly demanded across Freeplace Platforms at the peak of COVID-19 Lockdown, surprisingly a lot of Freelancers were jobless at the time because they had no idea of services in demand.

Google Keyword Planner reveals services that people have been searching for online. Discover how to research market demand or keywords that people are searching for with the free Google Keyword Planner… starting today!

Quit trying to guess which keywords are working and which aren’t. This training course was created so you could quickly and easily research keywords right away.

The course is hands-on, meaning you’ll see everything on the screen as the Lecturer walks you through the whole process.

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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons