Learnera Mentorship Program

Content is free, information is ubiquitous but organising and converting information to wealth is where most people fail, this is why you need a mentor to guide you on your journey to a six-figure income online.

How Does The Mentorship Program Work?

While online courses offer mostly generic insight, our Mentorship Program is a service tailor-made for YOU.

It takes into consideration your peculiarities, vision, hope and aspirations. It saves you time, cuts off wastages and helps to achieve great results faster.

1. Understanding

We’ll get to know you; your current situation, what your skills are and what you’re struggling with right now. This will allow us to deliver specific actionable advice for your development.

2. Direction

You’ll get clear direction from us on what to do to improve your online career. The Mentor will teach you exactly what has brought him/her success.

3. Support

As you progress on your journey, we will be there to support you every step of the way. No problem is too small or too large. You can be confident moving forward with us on your journey.

4. Success

You’ll be a better Netpreneur. You’ll be further ahead faster by having the knowledge to earn a six-figure income, work smarter and find balance through working and earning online.

At the moment, we offer Mentorship in the following niches:

Digital Marketing
Setting Up An Online Business

Who Is The Mentorship Program For Exactly?

Enroll for The Mentorship Program if:

You want another source of income

You’re thinking about, or in the process of, quitting your job

You want to hit the ground running as a new netpreneur

Your have failed in your bid to earn consistent income online and you want to turn things around

You currently earn online but want to move things up a gear

You have an interest in freelancing, consulting or running a solo-business


Under any of these circumstances, The Mentorship Program is for you.

Why Do I Need To Enroll Now?

The best time to start making money online was last year.

The next best time is today.

Stop using guesswork to get ahead – give yourself the best chance of success by learning from someone who has been there, done it and got the results.

There are limited positions available on The Mentorship Program at any one time.

The internet is littered with opportunities, let’s start making money now before your slot is filled.

You MUST be registered on Learnera to enroll for our Mentorship Program.